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RICWMA Electronics Collection Flyer_5-14.pdf (323.9 KB)
May 17 Electronic Collection Event List of Accepted Items
RICWMA Meeting Schedule 2013.pdf (43.1 KB)
RICWMA Meetings 2013
2011 Electronics Landfill Ban.pdf (14.6 KB)
Beginning January 1, 2012, certain electronics will be banned from Illinois landfilled. Please refer to this press release for more information.
2008-waste-dir-update-06-13.pdf (1869.5 KB)
Waste Resource Directory with updates current as of June 2013
DropOff Recycling Program_New 2009.pdf (1237.7 KB)
New regulations for drop-off recycling, 2009

Household Hazardous Material (HHM)

RICWMA currently partners with the Waste Commission of Scott County to accept Rock Island County residents' household hazardous materials at no cost to the resident.
Residents must schedule a drop-off appoinment with Scott County to utilize this program.
For more information please call (563) 381-1300 or visit http://www.wastecom.com

RICWMA encourages residents to use this program to dispose of hazardous material that may be around your home in a proper manner.
Acceptable items include: Drain openers, oven cleaners, spot removers, paint removers, stains and varnishes, epoxies and adhesives, weed killers, old gas grill propane tanks, and insecticides.

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